Going Once...Going Twice...    SOLD!

Why hire a professional and licensed auctioneer?

Why not? Would you trust an unlicensed and untrained attorney, CPA or financial consultant to represent you and handle your financial affairs?  If you are serious about raising money and raising the bar in your auction event then hire the right professional auctioneer that can lead you there.   

  • Professional auctioneers are licensed by the state annually and must complete classroom training on all laws affecting auctions sales of goods and services including; record keeping, written and verbal auction rules and style of auctions, uniform commercial code, and must also pass a state exam.

  • Experienced charity auctioneers specialize in benefit auctions only and know how to engage, read, manage and entertain crowds for maximum revenue.

  • It is not about the pitch and speed but about quality engagement, reading and responding to the audience that will produce high revenue results and keep your high donors coming back for next year.

  • For the small investment our professional auctioneers will raise more incremental profit and net revenue and save your committee much time and headaches along with raising the overall appearance of your event.  

  • Our auctioneer and auction team are also experts at event management and crowd flow and will work with your auction committee and venue to help you create, develop and implement a successful plan, strategy and evening script for a smooth and successful auction.

Why choose Charity Dynamics & Auctions?

Offering cutting edge services with highly trained, skilled, and licensed auctioneers, Charity Dynamics & Auctions navigates the needs of your charity's mission to reach the optimal fundraising goals.  We customize a plan to meet the intentions of the event, and strategically analyze gifts & services and present them in an innovative & productive way.

Proven Track Record: Charity Dynamics & Auctions consistently beats the intended goals.

Charity Dynamics & Auctions offers a fully serviced auction event from development to implementation, or just a few selected services to meet the needs of your current event.

Services we provide for Auctions:

  1. Licensed & Entertaining Auctioneers

  2. All Facets to Event Planning, including:

  •  Solicited Items for Raffles, Silent & Live Auctions customized to your audience, based on availability

  •  PowerPoint & Video creation to emotionally connect and inspire your donors before the live auction 

  •  Graphic creation & Event Signage

  •  Staffing and or Training of your staff and volunteers for registration, silent auction displays, bid spotting, record keeping,          financial controls, policies and procedures along with the important check-out and reconciliation process. 

  • Strategies for item placement and pairings, VIP table, super silent auction, auction and bidding games


       3. The Newest Online Event Management & Technical Support, including:

  •  Database Management System

  •  Sophisticated Registration & Checkout Assistance

  •  Donations & Recurring Donations Ability

  •  Comprehensive silent and live auction packages

  •  Easy-to-use software for seating charts, check-in sheets, and nametag printing