Special Events

With our experience, vast knowledge of the fundraising event industry, endless creativity, connections and resources, we can develop, customize, train or guide you for your next event resulting in cultivating, motivating and retaining donors. Types of special events we specialize in include: golf tournaments, galas, auctions, trunk shows, charity dinners, fundraising cruises, community events, tea parties and more. 

Fundraising Workshops

Our educational seminars or series of meetings will explore and share the best practices and theories of fundraising, and provide resources that will engage and empower individuals and nonprofit organizations to build a better foundation for fundraising.  

Marketing Strategies

Marketing is essential to ensure the advancement of your organization's goals. With the right marketing engines and promotional techniques,  your organization will be able to create or increase awareness of your mission, services, and donations, target the right audience through multiple channels and develop your organization's image

Our Services

Staff Recruitment and Training

A training program provides an opportunity to build an effective development team whose members fully understand the organization's vision and goals.  The staff will learn all of the up–to-date nonprofit compliances, policies, regulations and ethical practices. Staff recruitment refers to the process of attracting, screening and selecting a qualified person for the job. We will develop a staff of seasoned individuals that meet your 501c3 charity's specific needs. 

Board Governance

We will provide board evaluation tools that help organizations perform more efficiently, conduct effective and thorough board assessments and evaluations, identify gaps and improve performance.

Strategic Planning

Let us provide guidance in fulfilling your mission with maximum efficiency and impact by developing, transforming, and revitalizing your organization.  We will articulate specific goals with tasks, timelines, action steps and resources needed to accomplish them. 

Capital Campaigns

We will provide a step by step process for your ultimate capital campaign. Equiping you with proven stewardship strategies and all the resources and tools you need to lead a successful capital campaign.

Budget Management

Nonprofits must carefully control the budget process through specific policies so the organization won't have cash flow problems.  We will drive both the mission priorities and fiscal responsibility by incorporating the budget process with the strategic planning initiatives.